Monday, May 2, 2011

easter action on 'our' river ...

How brave is my little boy!
First time ever on a biscuit behind our boat!!
LOVED it ....
It would have happened a whole lot earlier .... maybe even during summer!
But you know we've had these enormous floods & the mighty Murray has been massively swollen ... too dangerous with all the debris, & when I say debris I mean like whole trees floating down the river
...& we moved house & went went away ...etc
....Next summer maybe he'll be up skiing!
(that's if his Daddy has his way!!)Fun times with P,R,T,S&L
And there is even some sand left in places!!

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Anonymous said...

"Your" river looks very nice. We would love to come and visit it one day when it gets warm again. How clever and brave was Oscar going on the biscuit...