Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am 2!

In the last little while I turned 2 & had an awesome party with all my friends & family!
(The USA family of course were amiss!)
We had a really fun party that my Mum organised called a "Honk your Horn" party!

.... now if you know the train-tastic kids show 'Chuggington' you will understand!

We had a great time with the box trains that Mummy 'made' into all the different 'Chuggers' .... Matambo, Wilson, Puffer Pete, Brewster & my favourite, Koko!
I coloured one in with my KPa ...

Daddy said that we were really lucky having such a gorgeous day ....
the sun shone, the kids played .... Mummy made them special neck - kerchiefs!
So we all looked like train drivers!

Lots of great activities & games to play .... everyone had their own 'Badge Quest'
to do ....

Whooo wooo!

So we 'Rode the Rails'
& all 'H
onked our Horns'
I loved my Birthday Cake ...
... Toot Toot!

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Andi said...

Happy happy Birthday.
Love your train cake!!!!