Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Saturday week ago .... my how time flies!
Met a lovely group of ladies who spent alot of time last year
making quilts for people who lost their precious possessions
in our Victorian bushfires Jan '09
Jan organised this
& workshops were held & lots of fabric & blocks were donated!
Awesome team effort!

Bron ... who found my blog ...
(above: working hard on an i-spy quilt!)
who is also in our R&A Block Swap ...
has been involved as she personally knows Jan ...
Anyway with so much fabric remaining they have been
working on making some quilts for the
Royal Children's Hospital 'Very Snugly Quilts' ....
Met at the LightHouse,
Ashburton Unity Church
....which for a different reason I have a fondness for ....
.....Working with my father, as his Interior Designer
I specified all the colours etc for the
Church Hall Renovation about 5 years ago!
Anyway I went along & joined in!
They had been working on a grouping of
Hexagons that had been made & appliqued
to blocks as a donation ....
Now I need to say that the Hexi's were fairly poorly constructed ...
So I volunteered to machine applique them - or they will probably have fallen off the quilt!
16 Hexi Fowers made of 7 Hexi's each!
Hmmmm - I didn't sew about each center Hexi
... but that still adds up to 96 Hexi's
.... with 6 sides on each
= lots of stopping & starting
.... was glad to have my new machine that
has that simple yet lovely feature that you can
set your needle to stay down when you stop!
My old machine doesn't have that!

Now the Hexi's also were a little odd in regards to fabric choices!
But as the day went on I can say that I
developed a certain 'attachment' to this
quilt & have been determined to turn it into something nicer!
So I've added some new Hexi's appliqued on top of the old centers
with a more 'i-spy' theme
.... & I have spent the time to hand quilt some stitching
about the whole shape & I think it looks much improved!
Better get my skates on to finish it for Saturday!Still a small amount of machine quilting to do
& the BINDING!!!!
(You know how much I don't like actually doing the binding!)
I will take a photo of the whole quilt when I have finished it!
I can tell you now ....
I will never be interested in making a whole quilt from Hexagons!
They are well out of my system!

But this quilt has a little place in my heart
even though it is nothing like what I would make!
All good ... and someone will love it I am sure!
Some of the other quilts at different stages!

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Bronwyn said...

Eek Wendy - the perle thread looks so so good!!! Well done you! Did you get my email regarding Saturday 3rd?