Monday, May 3, 2010

Red & Aqua BLOCK Swap 2010 No3

Thanks Kylie for hosting us last night ...
Those present .... Wendy S, Kylie, Leah, Bronwyn, Lizzie, Jo, Sam & me!
Thanks for the homemade scones Leah ... yum!
(& Sam's crochet lesson!)
& how about Kylie's compact applique coaching ... all good!
Leah has even already posted about that gorgeous curly scarf she was making last night!
We did do our swaps .... all gorgeous!
Looking good huh!
I am 'entered' twice so my collection is growing quickly (80 = about x1 m sq) & I keep making a few extras each time! I got mine made just in time for last night without stressing! Whew!
I still have a stack partially made ... by the sounds of things so do a few other people!!! Yay ... We missed you Katherine, Nicole, Louey, Cathy & Marion we thought we might try to Skype you sometime??
Blocks below made by: Bron, Leah, Sam, Jo ...?
I must remember to take my camera next time & take some pics of the lovely Half Square Triangles that are being created too!


Cathy Hutton said...

I've been meaning to install Skype. This would be good motivation!

Glad to see that the WG's arrived!

Bronwyn said...

Hey well done on the bloglist! Fun background again - it is like putting on a new scarf when you change your blog background.

Leah said...

Yay you managed to put up or blog roll. Hope your well and crocheting up a storm? lol

Bronwyn said...

Hi Wendy
We are having another quilting bee at Ashburton if you are interested - here is the link:
Don't worry that it is a follow-on - one more quilt started is always a bonus!

Pippilotta said...

Hi Wendy,

I am workin hard on the patches for our project.

I can't use skype, because it makes each time a big breakdown from my computer. And that is frustrating in each way. So I am sorry, that I can't hera your voices.

Just a few seconds before a parcel arrived from a quiltshop, with wonderful AQUA fabric and red fabric. It was a difficult thing to find aqua here.

Wendy, could you be so kind, and order me 2 more m from the basic fabric. I will send you the finished ones, when they are ready to go. Then I to make more of it, because I would like to make one quilt with one pattern, so I need more of this basic fabric.