Thursday, May 13, 2010

Had a grey few days ...

.... but hope springs eternal ....
Some Found Cheer these last few days:
1 - New blog I can't understand but I love the images
(cute softie above!)
.... well you can give it a go if you can read Portuguese?

2 - Golden Yellow thrifty table for a really simple sum:
Was so so so grubby, texta, paint, stickers etc
... wonders what some Bi-carb & Vinegar can do!

Is our new outdoor kiddo table for messy stuff! Perfect!3 - Lucky recipient of Andi's 'Pay It Forward' ....
thank you kindly Andi ... such a cute note book will be used & cherished
4 - Hearing my beautiful little boy start saying
& having fun planning his "Honk your Horns" Party!


Andi said...

Glad you like it Wendy!!

Papgena Made It said...

About the first blog: on the bottom of every post there is a very small 'translate' if you clik tere it moves for google translator. Probably doesn't translate everything but I think it helps!!! ;)