Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I have a brand NEW niece!

Welcome to the world little Verity Grace!Born on the 21st in PA, USA ... 9 pounds 11
Big, strong healthy girl! Yay!Sent a parcel with a gift for her not knowing at that point be she a boy or a girl but used fabrics that years ago I made a quilt for her older sister Felicity!
Big Whirly Gigs with lots of pebbling ....

The parcel has arrived now so I can tell & show you all about it!I'm secretly so relieved she is a girl ... only because the fabric I used as the backing is really a bit more girlie .... whew!


Cristin said...

Aw! Verity is such a pretty name! That was on my list, but alas, we had a boy :-) Gorgeous quilt too! Congrats Auntie!

Care said...

What a pretty name -- and a sweet baby!

And I love that quilt!

Sara said...

What a beautiful baby! I live in PA, wonder if your family is near me.

Andi said...

A lovely gift for a delicious new little person.