Friday, December 4, 2009

...for Olivia & a few words on friendship

1,000's of little stitches for you sweet little baby girl! .... I have something to say .... bit preachy so if you're not in the mood then I wouldn't be offended if you didn't read on ...

There is that saying that you know ... but you can choose your friends!
I've always had the attitude that 'my friends are your friends'
... I love the way that this works out ... especially when you have a crowd for an event ... the party mix 'works' then !
I also believe that friendships have 'seasons'.
Some friendships can last through life & ride with the bumps, turns, sunny days & devastations ... and some just aren't meant to!
Being ok with that & the friends that have moved on in other directions is important to your self image & how you continue to forge new meaningful relationships.
Often however there is hurt linked with these partings!
Hurt takes time to heal ... finding grace can take even longer!
Be content & happy within yourself for no one else can do this for you ...

So to all my friends .... some that are more recent,
to the established ones,
those that are a little disconnected but still about,
or those that I have reconnected with
or even those that are long gone but not from my memories
& even new bloggy ones
... I cherish you!
You are my village!
Be kind to those you love & care about for life is too short to do otherwise!
Its all part of the journey ... enJOY it ...
Show &/or tell them you love & care in whatever love language you speak!
For it 'tis the season ...
... another handmade Christmas gift ... one for a guy!


Care said...

I am happy to call you a bloggy friend! And, thanks so much for your sweet comments in your post yesterday. You are too kind! (Wait -- is there such a thing as being TOO kind? Probably not!)

I love seeing all your creations! My favorite continues to be the one you made for Hayley -- lucky girl!!

Anonymous said...

You're funny and thats why you are my good buddy! Love your work Wendy! Sam xxxxx