Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I've been working on ...

  • (just some of) Yesterday's "Thrifty Haul" .... I always love the thrill & mystery of what I might find! Funky, orange detail plates for the Cabin, speckled tea bowl ... pedestal dish & best of all a set of 6 mini wooden skittles . . . with 2 balls . . . I had to hunt for all the separate pieces! These will go in Oscar's Christmas stocking! I love the thought of an item's journey being re-invented with us! & I wonder what's its story has been so far ...??
  • More thrifty business with lots of clothing for me & also for my toddler who was in tow & survived my marathon effort ... another fabulous hand knitted jumper for when Oscar is a little older . . . paid less for my entire haul of 20+ items than the 'bought new' wool would have cost the maker! Jumper only looks likes its been worn a hand-full of times.
  • Had extended family over for a sunny Sunday afternoon tea; This has meant that the last week or so has been spent 'going-over' every square cm of our plot called 'Home'! There is nothing like a deadline looming for this household to spring-to-action ... windows cleaned, spider webs demolished, cupboard handles attached, pictures up, WC painted & new curtain to boot, wall hanging secured, baking made, Christmas decs finally in place, the garden has had the 'once-over' big time!

  • ... was a lovely day & now the conveyor belt of projects to be done rolls on! How's your project list going? Mine never ends as I'm dreaming up new things all the time ... I also bought a groovy table on ebay yesterday .... which will probably become our new computer table once its painted ???? Red - I think!
  • & now .... to get on with more Christmas gift making!


Care said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!! I detect a little Amy Butler "Charm" there behind the sweater!!

Absolutely FABULOUS finds -- you must have the radar! And Oscar truly IS a trooper for joining you on your treasure hunt!

LOVE the curtains. And did you make the wall hanging?

Katherine said...

Hey what places did you go to on your treasure hunt? Very exciting!!