Monday, January 13, 2014

summer village

our summer time
has been filled with the sunshine beyond
the great divide
days spent in & around the muddy waters
of "our" murray river
& some sandy days at a 'beach house'

i often reference the saying
'it takes a village to raise a child'
but even more than that ....
to me our village is made up 
of more than the people
its the time spent creating wonderful memories
its the knowing people
& in that being loved in return
meshed, just like scrabble letters!
some wonderful memories from the last few weeks
of cricket games
1sts on the riBer
boogie boarding
bean bag tossing
card games
black gold fish
lost teeth
super stacks
some free style'n patchwork
knee board coaching
tennis hits
doggies back home
camp fires
6 degrees of separation discoveries
building, gap filling, painting & wiring walls
hanging doors & stuffing insulation
& water skiing of course!
(yes that is me further up!)
my cup runneth over
 enJOY your journey

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