Monday, January 6, 2014

she with the most ...

 so it started sometime a while back
with going halves in a whole lot
of lovely quality quilting cottons
& a great bulk buy of 'ribbons' which we spied as really bias binding!
yay ....
 then there was 4ths in
THE great big thread haul
which was a bit of a gamble
but for what we paid we figured
that if we went on face value plus one extra that was good value
whoooo hooo ... lets just say it was most certainly worth it!
each of us almost have the entire colour set!!
 & halves in this lovely lot too
& then there was some craziness
with a whole lot of denim & other lovelies
just had to be
yep there was a happy dance or so
you can even see the amazing micro suede
i made my cape from on the top of the pallet pile!
little people squeezed in between the rolls
there was some pink fur stroked all the way home!
.... and now to sew it up!
oh & do you think i might have a lifetime supply of thread perhaps!
i think so!!


Karen said...

I think as long as there is a space in the sewing room to squeeze more in, then there is room for more!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how we love our thread and zip stashes!