Tuesday, April 24, 2012

wood block inspirtation & bamboo

 i have loved this fabric line from when it was
first released ...
 Ty Pennington's designs inspired by traditional wood cuts
designs found on his world travels
 i really like this colour palette
dark chocolate brown
with an orange/water melon pink
& a grey blue & crisp white
 purchased originally just 'because'
not really knowing what it would all become
i love the result
 special handmade gift for a baby girl
who at first was a while coming
& then she seemed to be in 'too' much of a rush to get here
but somehow she worked out
just the 'right' time to arrive
also made a crochet circle mini garland
in coordinating colours to hang
some where in her room
 they match a special card that her mummy framed up
to go in her room ... who knew i had it all so 'right'
glad it is so .... enJOY xx
so welcome to the world
Sally Aroha
was all made an age ago & i've held of blogging it all
so to not spoil the surprise!
... actually started to make it the day she arrived
but its taken me far too long to give it to her
i hope she likes it
i know her mummy does!
here it is on her big cot ... 
... & snuggled in around her in her crib
 all cotton & bamboo
bit of my abstract styling ...
this quilt sits so nicely with her eyes ...
... they look like deep pools of dark don't they
not sure any photo could ever do them justice
they are glassy & a lovely grey blue ... 
just her colours
oh & her daddy's name is Ty so that's a nice fit!
so since it's all made by me
i'm joining in with jaqcs studio with her weekly
'made by me'

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Anonymous said...

Great work! Love it!! ( as usual!!) xxx Sam xxx