Sunday, April 29, 2012

my zakka style: sewing kit

finally joining in the Zakka style Sew Along
book 'Zakka Style'
of i heart linen
also loving Katy
from i'm a ginger monkey's
samples & extra tutorial, hints & tips
 its the sewing kit
designed by theresia cookson
of Minori Design
i love it
so very usable & portable
i just my style
for more examples head on over 
to the flickr group
 used real linen ...
kind of chartreuse colour that i love
i adore the fact that linen will soften
& grow in its tactile nature as it is used
with some amy butler
you should love what you use hey!!
i love this colour combo & the simplicity
of just keeping the interest in the select
less-is-more fabric choice
the 2nd sewing kit i made
is the same chartreuse linen
think I love that same colour in
theresia's example in the book!
some lizzy house for the binding contrast
& this favorite giraffe garden by michael miller
big thankyou to Lindsey of LR Stitched 
& Amy of Don't you know who I am
great job girls


Judy said...

Gorgeous well done Wendy- where do we put in our orders!!!

susan (moonthirty) said...

I really like your version of this, and I love how it looks topstitched around!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job :) I bought the book too & awaiting it's arrival via the post man! Looking forward to creating gorgeous pieces like yourself :)
... says Cas

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE how you manage to put your own spin on things and make them look fantastic! I have the book and didnt think much of the sewing kit, but now i see yours, I'm gonna have to make one!!!! samxxx

sukie said...

Great job! Thanks for the shout out!

Karen said...

These are gorgeous Wendy, are you in the SIT swap?? I know they would be a highly sought after swap item.
Love the linen and color combos you have used.

Theresia (Minori Design) said...

You have done a great job!
Thanks for mentioning my name!