Sunday, October 2, 2011

... but we cheered so loudly!!?

... the maggies may have gone down to a great team
but at least they went down fighting like lions - exhausted ones!
what a shame it wasn't quite the fairy tale ending for Mick ... ce la vie
there were x4 cute b&w skirts made for some little Collingwood supporters ... 
(only 2 would be in the pic!)
my Dad even decided to back them!
... and those B&W bunting flags looked great!!!
They will be well used in the years ahead!!
... thanks Karen you made me laugh ... I do have all my teeth!!
I wasn't actually born & bred on the B&W
 ... i had a very interesting inspiring Eddie experience up close & personal and thus decided for the sake of a one team family it was a good choice!!
anyway it was a day spent with extended family & was a wonderful time

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