Wednesday, June 29, 2011

an essay: enJOY your journey

lately i have been observing people
in their responses to choice ....
the choice to say "yes"
or to say "no" ...
(now I just automatically typed "yes" first so you know where I stand!!)

in human nature unfortunately the majority will say the negative ... even before they really understand whatever it is all about
you know when i was about 17 i was given the opportunity to design a new type font ... this was at a time when there were hardly any cool funky ones out there .... sadly i said "no" ... not quite understanding what it was all about & scared that my 'unique' arty style would be butchered & copied & that somehow i would lose my unique-ness ....
hmm retrospective contemplation
is a great teacher ... more than half a lifetime has past
& i still look back at that moment & wish i had been
enough to have stepped out & said "yes"
... what could be different now?
... maybe there would be just one more font in the world but maybe some of my life's path would have been different ...
(not that i'm unhappy with my path ... )
but you just don't know if you don't at least try ...
... so i aim to fill my life with wonderful experiences that teach and
enrich my soul & that of my little boy,
my husband, my friends, my family
... i aim to be that 'polly anna' character ....
i still have the lows & plenty of failures
but i try to keep them mostly private & just not dwell
... not that i would not want people to know,
but more that life really is too short & its not worth wasting the energy of living talking about what you didn't do or you're going to do ....
just do it
don't waste the time planning to talk about something ...
just make it happen ...
you see we can often spend
more energy
thinking about doing something than actually doing it!!!
if you just get to and do it you can usually fit twice as much into life ....
others will work with whatever in their own way & make their own choices
... that of course is their choice & perhaps in a way they miss out ...

be positive
have energy
sing loudly
be with friends
fill your time on earth
love fully
sew madly
dance a jig when no-one or everyone is watching
eat wonderfully
be with those you care for
let the small things wash
find peace
be harmonious
be brave
show hospitality
... you do not need to plan a huge event, K.I.S.S ...
don't talk about it or think too much about it ...
2 types of people are out there
do-ers make things happen
they may not always succeed but they succeed in trying
if you don't try
go do it
enJOY your journey
it is as simple as that


Karen said...

Love this post Wendy - so true - getting out there, having a go and not succeeding to extent you may have hoped for (but not failing!) is better than sitting around wondering what might have been.

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Wendy - you've given me a great boost to my day!

sewjourn said...

Well said! Do you know the song "How You Live" by Point of Grace? It sums it up!