Tuesday, June 28, 2011

colourful crochet flowers

been making lots of these ...
cute huh!
I love the colour combinations
going to become a few things ... you'll see

last week, while making them, my 3 year old
without me seeing 'posted' my 4mm hook
into a hole in a plastic bike... hmmmm
he was v upset about it at the time
& told me he'd put something in there
but he hasn't learnt the words
'crochet' & 'hook'
as yet ...
i finally worked out what it was
... figured it was gone for good
... bought another one ....
later: thought I'll just turn the bike upside down
... what do you know
... it practically fell right out ....

1 comment:

Karen said...

My, My you have been a busy girl!
They look great Wendy - such lovely colours.