Sunday, January 17, 2010

7 RED Things ...

I was 'tagged' by Care ...

2 Rules:
* Post photos of 7 RED things from about your home
*'Tag' 7 people to do the same!

Above: Pin board in my sewing room ...
inc: pre-made RED spotty bias binding red ready to go!
Above: Hand made by me!
A long sleeved
RED T shirt for Oscar ...
Would you like to buy one similar!
Tell me so ...
then I might get my act together
& put them in the Etsy shop that I still haven't 'stocked'!!!!
Above: Cute present that was given to Oscar not long after he was born!
Counting wooden cup cakes
that he now loves to play with! Including one in
Above: Hand made by me!
Our family tree tied together with
RED polka-dot backing felt & ribbons .... & of course every little boy's bedroom needs a few RED wooden toy cars hey!
Above: Got to love this!! In RED !
Above: I am a huge puppet fan & Sesame Street
just wouldn't be the same without these characters
(amazing thrifty find!)
Got to cuddle that
RED fur!
Above: My new yet old, freshly painted RED computer table!
This tag couldn't have been more timely as I have only just 'moved it in' this week!
I had to take the door off the hinge to do so, which now I like not being there ...
its not quite all organised yet...

I tag:
Bloggers I've met/admire/read lots ...
Bronwyn, Rita, Karen, Jane, Andi, Jean, and Betz

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Bronwyn said...

Hi Wendy!! Thanks so much for tagging me (first!!) I have been on a bloggy break for a while but am keen as mustard to get back into the swing of things - so looking forward to the red/aqua swap starting up.