Tuesday, September 29, 2009

enJOY the journey & a new work space . . .

Ok I'll admit it . . . I am terrible at finishing
that last 2% of a project!
Craziness . . . I get most of a quilt completed,
hand quilted & all
and you know I'm already onto . . .
not the next quilt, the one after that!
Its because I
"ENJOY THE JOURNEY" maybe too much!

So on the weekend
I didn't allow myself to start something new
until I had bound one of my then
18 un-bound quilts! Yes I said "18"!
Now I only have 17 . . .
but I need to add to this admission
that they are mostly small quilts . . .
that really should make it all the faster to complete!
Hmmm ... yeah right!
Does anyone else out there feel they too need
to make an admission such as this??
Surely I'm not the only one!
Its ok . . . you can say . . .
I haven't even counted the
not complete quilt tops
the finished yet un-quilted tops!!

Anyway . . .
Photo above top:
Finally bound Quilt made out of my
scrap box way back earlier this year
(at least I can say 2009!)
Photo above:
Close up of my chunky hand quilting
of which I love the texture
of these little stitches
as I run my finger tips over the top!
Photo below:
When I sandwiched this quilt together I found I had this panel & it worked with the colours on the front . . . I didn't "love" it then but now I really do . . . funny how things can grow on you when you spend some time with them!
I really like the acid green with aqua & then the rusty oranges!
Over the last few days . . .
I've been working on setting up a
different space for my sewing art work . . .
My new machine "dictated"
that it needed a different space than previously allocated!
What joy . . .
Newly hemmed curtains,
covered pin board,
a sorted wardrobe with re-worked storage . . . organised!
Hopefully I can keep it like this!


Andi said...

I only have about 6 UFOs.
I guess I'm a finisher!!
Andi x

My name is Wendy . . . said...

"Man only 6!"
I have got to get my act together a bit more!
Good on you Andi!

Anonymous said...

Wow Miss Wendy you have been very busy! Your room looks FANTASTC! Sam xx