Saturday, August 22, 2009


I've been meaning to post
about these pieces for a while . . .
The heart panel my Mum made!
The day Oscar had his 1st Birthday Party
was the same Sunday we had
him dedicated at ABC
I hadn't long finished making his quilt
& some other pieces
& she asked to pinch some matching fabrics!
She did the words & date on her
new computerized machine
& turned it into his own
prayer mini quilt of sorts.
It has a heart & hand design like the
Shakers have been know to use!
"Hands to work, Hearts to God"
This wall panel I made & has his name on it
& there are little pockets to post things into!
Was my first attempt at Flying Geese too!
Oscar's cot quilt
He's our little star you know!


Anonymous said...

Wendy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I have it as my home page, so up comes your smiling face everytime i turn my computer on! And i always see your blog updates as they happen! Very cool. I tried to post this as Sam but it wouldnt let me, so i have gone with anon! xxxx said...

Hey Sam!
Thanks for your comments!
I love hearing from you!
You inspire me to do more!