Friday, August 28, 2009

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fabric . . . did you know?

On a really windy afternoon . . .
I stole some time & headed
to the abundant
treasure trove
that is Gail B's . . .
to be found inside a ware house tile shop!
Yay more fabrics . . .
the trick is to walk in her front door with
a project in mind!
I did have . . . .
but still came away with other fabrics which
I love . . . yet to have a clear direction!

Don't I love those not-so-"clear" colours . . .
Great circles & graphics
& some girlie ones for some little T's

1 comment:

Care said...

I always SAY I have a project in mind when I go out to hit some quilt shops. But the other day I "accidentally" bought five or six pieces for projects that don't exist yet.... OOPS! But they were so GORGEOUS; I couldn't pass them up!!

This must be why I have trouble finding anything in my sewing room!