Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Our first night of swapping blocks!
The purples & greens have combined so nicely!
They all work together really well & you can start to get an idea of how they will work as a whole quilt! Yay for us!
We missed you Kylie, Wendy S & Sam . . . next time!

This was my Spring Swap . . .
a lovely little American Indian saying . . . .
graphics by me & collaged patchwork by me too!
One went over the crow's nest to the UK
& the other by way of the Pacific to one of those North American states!
Enjoy ladies . . . if was fun!
thankyou for your swaps in return! Feels like Spring!


Tess said...

Hi Wendy, This is your Kansas Spring swap partner. Thank you for the indian saying and the colors of the piece. I love it. I also love the fabric you sent along with it. I intend to make something with it incorporating the wording on the selvage edge. I have fabric from Australia, how cool is that!!! Your package made my day. My hubby was impressed too. said...

Hi there Tess - Well it is my pleasure! Thankyou back for your Spring Swap too! So creative . . . I love the texture . . . I've been meaning to post about both the swaps I received! Sometime between Oscar learning to walk & his recent 1st Birthday party! All fun! You will have to let me know when you make something with the fabrics so I can see! Take care . . .