Friday, May 29, 2009

BLOCK SWAP - Triangles

How to make Triangle center square variation . . .
As worked out by Jenny & Wendy

Cut from 2 different fabrics 6 squares each 5.5"
= 12 squares altogether (6 of each fabric)
You can get tricky another time with mixing 4 fabrics!
This will make 12 finished center block squares
that the borders can then be sewn to:
Use a quilting ruler & a sharp grey lead pencil,
mark on all 6 of one of the fabric squares
a diagonal line from corner to corner.
Then mark a quarter inch seam allowance line
on both sides of this line = 3 lines
With right sides facing sew squares together
with one marked with pencil lines facing upwards!
Sew along both the outside lines
(back stitching at the start & end of each line of stitching)
You can not do chain piecing for this!
Do not stitch on the center line - this is just a guide . . .
Iron flat . . . to the darker side!
Then using your quilting ruler & rotary cutter . . .
Cut along the center line - the one you didn't stitch along . .
This will make x2 sets of squares made of triangles . . .
we're not finished yet!
Iron these flat . . . It is best to work in these "pairs" of squares from now!Then again using your quilting ruler & rotary cutter . . . Cut across the triangles from corner to corner . . . trust me this works!The using a "pair" of these squares lie them out like this in the same direction . . .
Take the top half from the top square
The bottom half from the bottom square
& swap these about like this!
Then match the seams in the center, pin & sew!
Hey presto! You did it . . . 5 more "pairs" of squares . . . easy!

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