Thursday, March 7, 2013


i have like 500 hundred thousand
works in progress
'so' did not 'need' to start another
but the whole free-styling scrappy small quilt thing
gets me every time ...
the little peaces were calling to me
started on our run-away sewing weekend
top finished the other eve when i should have been making binding ...
very 'pink' for me ... i'm liking it lots
the orange now balances it in my eye
& its so very symmetrical!!
a few tricky circus elephants for 'personal consumption only'
& some very 'last of' ... fabric scraps in there
i have a plan for this one & others ...
"... yep" going to have x1 on the end of each downstairs bunk bed
@ our cabin ... that handmade life
joining in with lots of others & their wips ...


Cath said...

Loving your version of 'scrappy'...what lucky beds...!! C x

Karen said...

I can't believe you did this one so quickly. They will be the best dressed beds in town!