Monday, September 19, 2011

13 & more than just lucky!

... today 13 years ago I changed my name 
& married a wonderful man greatest love
in front of family, friends & God ...
(all before digi cameras were common
... so hmmm one day I will get our 
Wedding photos converted .... ) 
so no pic of me all glamorous in white 
... but will southern France do?


SandyN said...

Happy anniversary... Nice to read that people are still happy together... The best people were married in September...


Care said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Katherine said...

Oh you guys!!! Yay! You got a good one Craigy boy!

Bronwyn said...

Hello Wendy-friend! A late Congrats on your Wedding Anniversary - hope you had a lovely celebration!

New bloggy template looks good!