Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello again ....

.... after a (long) interlude ....
Not exactly sure where to start with what I've been up to ...

When I was about 14 I decided that all those little diaries that I had tried to keep ... you know the ones with only dates, no days of the week, that could be used any year & that had tiny pad locks?? Well they weren't what suited for what I' d like as a 'diary/journal' to keep .... One New Year I charged off to our local newsagent in search of a solution ... spent all my pocket money at the time, on a royal blue notebook with lightly printed lines! It was perfect and thus began my years of writing a personal 'diary' or journal ..... I could write as much as suited but best of all was the liberation behind the lack of printed 'dates' on the pages!! Lament no more over all those missed journal 'LOGs' ... Yay ... so can you see where I'm going with this? Oh how the idea of a 'bLOG' suits me! So like an old friend I haven't seen in a while I'll just pick up at some point of my 'present' life with a little reflection on recent history::::
Recent Personal History:
Oct 2010 - Settled on our previous home, moved all our belongings to storage, lobbed in with my parents & continued our search for the perfect new home!
Also I started working with a lady with special needs, giving her some drawing & painting tuition! Its really rewarding & it suits me as a creative/teaching outlet ....
Nov 2010 - Searching for our new home ..... found some land & bid at auction, just missed out ... so started to spread our search far & wide .... started thinking that perhaps we might go with the idea of living somewhere closer to Craig's work .... to create more family time
Found an amazing house that would suit v nicely but twice what we were planning on spending!!!! Ahhhh .... but then on the horizon .... a quirky property that we dismissed in our serach but I kept finding myself reconsidering it ....
Also a special 1st Birthday, Christmas parties, long weekend at 'the river'
Dec 2010 - A beautiful extended family Wedding ....
oh and an AUCTION!!!!
With a pounding heart lodged squarely in my throat I sat in the car while Craig bid at the auction of the 'quirky' house ..... Yahoooo! Its ours ... short settlement & it wil be our new home on the 20th Jan 2011!! That is only 16 days away ..... can hardly wait!
Turns out all that searching for our 'perfect for us' new home was located no where near where we had been looking!!
So for us 2011 will be a great new start in a new home ... the 'quirky' one!
So times ahead to work out the 'fit' of our furniture etc
Bring it on!!!
Almost brand new kitchen, fabulous spaces, huge back garden, big bedrooms, lovely light, open spaces & entertaining ... almost nothing to renovate....
Best of all I will have a large study/ studio !!!
Whoooo hooo!!!
Can hardly wait as really I haven't been v creative lately & I am desperately missing it!!!
Personal Present:
We're at 'the river' ... a v v full, nearly flooding, Murray River ... which is black from all the soot washing off the ashen trees from Black Saturday ... so no boating for us at the moment! But we have new v effective cooling in the cabin which is v much appreciated!
Lots of pool swims, playing games, walking ... chilling out!
We've had some great friends stay & more to come
... a few days in between with 'just us' .... very relaxed!
We moved a large outdoor table up here when we were 'moving out' .... it's a MOSAIC that I started a long time ago .... I have procrastinated over it for so long that Craig had threatened to take it to the tip unless I finished it - so its now or never!!! Anyway I have worked on it the last few days .... hardest thing was getting started! I will show some pics soon.....
I'm wondering why it has taken my so long to get going on this particular creative journey???
So in my efforts to start in our new home & chapter with a clean slate my goal is to finish this table v soon!!!! xxx enjoy your journey ...


Katherine said...

Hello my dear friend!! I am very happy to see you back here!!! I look forward to seeing you (in person) soon.....when I don't know but hopefully soon!

p.s can you email me the suburb you will be in?

p.p.s I secretly hope you can't fit in your awesome couch from your 'old' lounge room cos it really should be mine! :p

Care said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering if you'd dropped off the planet... So glad you are still out there somewhere, and that things are going well!

Good luck with the moving, settling, and getting back into a creative groove!

Bronwyn said...

Hello Wendy!! Need to chat asap about you coming up to Sydney for SIT - how about it??

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Wendy. Hope the move goes really well and looking forward to seeing you at LightHouse Quilters again this year.

Andi said...

Well you HAVE been busy!!!
Congratulations on the new house.
What part of town did you end up in?
Andi x