Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rocking the Jelly!

My Mum's a bit clever ... well she's followed Camille's "Jelly Filled" & created this little Figgy Pudding (minus the really Christmas-y fabrics!) version as a prayer quilt made by our Ashburton BC 'Prayers & Squares' for my SIL in PA ....
Ann is due to have their 3rd baby at the end of May but due to her major heart issues is on strict bed rest .... my Mum is over there playing 'Mum' & doing lots of stuff for them to help the household continue to run! I am sure she is also enjoying spending time with F & H too!
Aren't the colours in this quilt lovely ... suits A&A's home and looks so adorable all draped like over their front porch rocking chair!


Care said...

Oh dear! I hope all goes well with the remainder of the pregnancy... not long to go, but I am sure it feels like an eternity to her!

That is a beautiful quilt; it's sure to cheer your sister-in-law!

Quilts on Bastings said...

Your mum has made a lovely quilt - I hope all goes well with your sister and the new baby.