Friday, March 26, 2010

x2 stamps out of 11 ...

Not a bad effort for an Aussie a long long way from home
.... just happened to be the weekend of the "Quilt Shop Hop" .... great idea!
Two shops visited means I have x2 charms & x2 patterns ...
one from Sweet Home Quilt Co
which smelt soooo good .... like a cinnamon apple pie baking!
(I just loved the mini quilts above: all from Sweet Home, these images are from their blog! ... particularly the one with the old sewing machine!)
The set of 3 would have been about 10x14cm each & the other about 20x25cm
So cute!
I want to make a mini quilt! or 2!
& the other from Intown Quilters ....
My purchases: ... so many wonderful choices & a bright cheery atmosphere at Intown Quilters, I didn't quite know where to start ... we had a stressful drive getting there! TomTom said only 15mins but it took 45 in traffic! Thought I was walking in at 15mins before closing ... to discover specially extended hours! Perfect!


Katherine said...

Welcome home young lady! Exciting about getting to those shops! Looking forward to catching up soon!

Mary said...

So glad you could come visit IQ! Love getting the chance to check out your blog -- lots of great stuff to see!