Friday, March 13, 2009

Treasured, Used . . . & Inspired

Its so tempting when you bring home a NEW, wonderfully treasured fabric . . . . fresh, virgin, tactile, brimming full of expectation & possibilities . . . it's almost terrifying! . . . so tempting to just leave it as it is!
So Lara . . . . I promised it wouldn't end up in my stash!

These didn't make it past the ironing board!
isn't everyone's ironing bo
ard their design table???

And a new toy - the darning foot . . . oh how my world has changed . . .

You see, yesterday Oscar & I with no car, set out for "The Show" - the stitches & craft show of course! A Bus ride & a few trains later . . . a great adventure! Great to briefly meet some of the faces behind the wonderful blogs such as "ink & spindle", "cheeky beaks" & "aunty cookie" . . . chats as brief as they were . . . . & mostly of course to see their creations in real life . . . touch & feel etc
Oscar & were both exhausted last night but it was a great day . . . think he loved the movie documentary "Handmade Nation" the best, as I let him crawl & 'furniture surf' his way about the rows of seats! Came home with dirty feet!(Oscar that is, not me!) Oh what a wonderful life it is. My cup runneth over!

"Handmade Nation" created by Faythe Levine is an excellent comment on the re-newed craft movement in the USA. It still applies here. The change in the populations attitude towards owning something handmade, something unique that no one else has. Something with personality. I have stepped away a little from my own ideas on making to be individual & it has been excellent timing to find myself gravitating back to what I know to be a huge part of my personality! Yay to find that spark again. Stepped out of that vacuum!

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Lara said...

Hi Wendy,

Yaaaaay!! So good to see fabrics being put to use rather than the stash! This looks fantastic, nice work!

Thanks for coming to visit & support us. The show went really well for us, so we're feeling very relieved and validated :)